Behind the Style of Kara Mullane Photography

In 2013, I was asked to do my first high school senior photo session.  I had moved to Denver from San Francisco where I had specialized in family portraits and weddings.  I took a look at what senior portrait photography looked like in the Denver area and found it a little antiquated (no offense to the awesome photographers out there)…same backdrops being used year after year and poses that were a little behind the times.  I knew I wanted to bring a different kind of style to senior photography by using amazing and unique natural backdrops as well incorporating both natural and model posing.  I only photograph what I love, and I absolutely fell in love with capturing teens and their differing personalities in amazing locations.  That love must have been felt by my clients as being a high school senior photographer took over my business quickly!

Your Style

Sometimes you just don’t know what to wear and sometimes outfits that you think look great in person, are not so great on camera!  I incorporate wardrobe styling into EVERY session.  I want you to be you. That’s why I won’t change your style. Rather, I’ll guide you as we explore wardrobe and styling options and the look that best represents you. It’s one of my favorite parts of the process—sharing with you what will flatter you the most and what will bring out that inner model.

Should you choose, I work with incredible hair and make up artists available who will enhance your natural beauty.


The Session

Part of the complimentary consultation is about me getting to know you and together we’ll choose locations for your photo shoot that fit your style and personality. I know there are studios where they time the session down to the minute and have a list of poses they take you through.  That is not my style.  Everyone is unique and posing is just as unique to each person and body type which is why I guide you through different poses that come naturally to me when working with you.  The session is all about fun and bringing out all sides of YOU.  You will have 3-5 changes of clothes and sessions are 1.5-3 hours depending on the kind of session you choose.  To add to the fun, you’ll be bringing a friend or family member to the shoot—someone you love to be around—to help bring out those parts of you that only they know how to do.

The Portrait Reveal

A few weeks after the session, you’ll come to my studio for the big reveal, and we’ll view 30–70 of your most stunning images. With years of experience, I’ll help you narrow it down to your favorites.  Then we get to have fun choosing what to do with your beautiful portraits…wall art including simple or custom framing, collages, canvases, coffee table books or albums and more!


I am all about being transparent when it comes to pricing. The upfront session fees cover the time I put into styling, the session, and the portrait reveal.   BUT if you buy a package, your session fee becomes a credit to use towards anything you want a-la-carte!  Session fees vary depending on the location…$375-$650.  You have the option to purchase a-la-carte or packages start at $850 with no minimum purchase.  There are differing quantities of digital images offered with EVERY package or a-la-carte.  We go over all the packages in the consultation as I have a lot of choices to suit everyone’s individual taste.

How does KMP pricing compare to other studios?

I recently heard a potential client (who became my client) say that she heard sessions with me were really expensive. This is my favorite area to educate potential clients!   I have done a side by side comparison of my packages to many studios and if it were ethical would love to post it on this page!  Although there are always differences in what we offer, I am so happy and proud to say that you get SO MUCH MORE in my packages!  I compared one of my mid range packages with a mid range package at a local popular studio.  They included the yearbook photos, 8 social media images (has logo on image) with roughly 8 prints of varying sizes.  For the same price (actually $200 less), my client received a 10×10 leather bound custom designed coffee table book with 40 images, 5 social media digital images (no logo), yearbook photo and 4 prints of varying sizes.  I don’t think there is much of a comparison in who walked away with more.  Plus, I will say that my clients tend to spend more because THEY LOVE THEIR PORTRAITS and love my unique modern products!! 


I want you and your parents to walk away with bundles of stunning images, feeling like this was an incredible and unique EXPERIENCE. That’s why I guarantee a redo if, having followed my guidelines, you’re not completely happy. Feel free to visit my Instagram to see my latest high school senior photo sessions.