Who are you?

No matter what your industry or role is, this photo reflects YOU. “It takes just one-tenth of a second to judge someone and make a first impression” (Wikipedia). So, what do you want people to see when they look at the photo of you? Maybe it’s “I mean business” or “I’m creative” or “I’m confident” or “I’m fun” or “I’m a leader” … you get to decide. I look forward to meeting you at my studio or over the phone for your complimentary consultation to explore your goals and the image you want to convey. 

Let's do this.

Head shots start at $175 and personal branding starts at $375 with the option of professional hair and makeup. Before the photo shoot, I’ll guide you through wardrobe choices and styling options, and during the shoot, I’ll guide you through poses and expressions that reflect the story you want to tell about yourself.