It was 2006 and I was living in San Francisco working my first photography business (Photos by Kara).  I was called to a headshot for an aspiring author who needed the image rather quickly.  I planned on doing the shoot outdoors and on the day of, it could not have been raining harder.  I do not have a studio space at the time in my 1200 square ft. house with my husband (and there was no way I could afford it in SF on what I was making), so I improvised.  I told her she might think I was nuts, but I have incredible natural light in my bathroom.  In an area that was approximately 4 square feet, I took her head shot.

Fast forward to 2007.  My brother in called me and told me to Google my name.  What?!!!  Suddenly Kara Mullane was popping up in the Washington Post and the New York Times and other various publications.  My name was being associated with the head shot I had taken of none other than Kaui Hemmings, the “aspiring” author who was now on the New York Times Best Sellers list.  To top it off, a movie starring George Clooney was being made.  I loved seeing my name in these publications and I really loved that this kind, humble, easy going aspiring author had her work so widely recognized.

When I was asked by Simon and Schuster if her image could be used again, I said of course!!  It was used again for the book “The Possibilities.”

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